‘are you the one? ’ dating resumes: dillan’s ‘saved’ and brittany’s a beantown tomboy

You can cook a bowl of rice in 60 seconds, but is it enough time to prove you’re worthy of true love? Premiering Tuesday, January 21, “Are You The One?” will challenge single men and women to find their perfect matches, but before the game gets underway, you can learn all about the cast members’ relationship potential through the people who know them best: themselves! We tasked the entire group with selling their most attractive features in under one minute, and we’ll be rolling out their video dating resumes in pairs each day up until the premiere. Check out today’s testimonials below.

If candlelight dinners or carriage rides through the park are your idea of a great date, then direct your attention away from Brittany. The self-described “drop-dead gorgeous” gal would much rather rough it in a tent than book the penthouse at The Ritz-Carlton, and though she’s known for being spontaneous, fellow cast mate Dillan is a reliable churchgoer, and his conviction to his faith is pretty much etched in stone.

“I do have some traditional values,” Dillan says in the video below. “I’m a saved individual, and I think if I meet the right girl, I think she’ll appreciate that and hopefully we’ll grow in Christianity and in a relationship.” Brittany’s more a disciple of the Church of Beantown Sports, however, and prefers her romance to occur while she’s cheering on her hometown team. “My type of favorite date is literally going to a Boston Bruins game,” she says. Translation: Rangers fans need not apply.

Check out the clips, and find out if these two can manage to find true love when “Are You The One?” premieres January 21 at 11e/8p!