‘are you the one? ’: are john and jacy right for each other?

Among the 10 “Are You the One?” women vying for love, John initially only had eyes for Simone. Though he admitted she wasn’t his usual type, the apple and orange hit it off, and even christened Pound Town. Eventually, though, John felt the fire wane, and realized the connection between him and Simone wouldn’t lead to lasting love — a sentiment the Truth Booth soon confirmed. Since then, he and fellow goofball Jacy have been attached at the hip, and though he’s convinced he’s found his shot at a perfect match this time, Jacy isn’t yet totally on board, and is slowly growing tired of John’s immaturity.

After John and Jacy successfully secured a getaway date on Tuesday’s episode, John laid his attraction to his crush on thick, and she started to feel smothered. “John needs to back off and let me be,” Jacy said in an interview before Simone relayed a rumour to John that Jacy was doubtful he was the right guy for her. John’s hurt mutated into anger, and when Jacy didn’t deny the claim, he cracked a window out of frustration. The tension between him and Jacy remained high through the Match-Up, but John still picked Jacy, and said he believed they belong together. Think he’s right?

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