‘are you the one? ’ altercation: amanda battles it out with host ryan devlin

A super-frustrated Amanda went head-to-head with an unexpected adversary on this week’s “Are You The One?“: host Ryan Devlin.

When the show’s casties found themselves with zero beams of light during last week’s match-up ceremony, many couples were beside themselves over their lost lust — especially Amanda and the man who calls himself “Magic Mike.” The two had quickly connected during the season premiere, as he fell for her freckles and she grew jealous over his sexy dance moves. Fast forward to Amanda and Mike’s depressed faces upon learning their relationship had to end before it ever really even started:


This week, when Ryan checked in on Amanda’s heartache during the third match-up ceremony, all hell broke loose. “Honestly, just because we’re not a match, it doesn’t mean my heart’s gonna agree with it,” the broken-hearted lovebird admitted. When Ryan tried to explain the difference between “chemistry” (Boom-Boom Room and all) and a “relationship,” the Colorado native stuck to her guns. “I would like to see you live in a house and have a connection with someone and be told you’re not a match with them,” she said. Ryan then called Amanda’s behaviour “stupid” and advised her to “be careful.”


But was the “Are You The One?” host being too hard on Amanda (who wound up selecting Austin nevertheless), or were his sentiments accurate? Discuss in the comments below, and catch an all-new episode Wednesday at 10e/7p!