‘are you the one? ’ aftermath: jessica says her hookup with anthony lasted 30 seconds

The “Are You the One?” daters have 10 whole weeks to determine who among them is Perfect Match material, but it only took a single night for Jessica and Anthony to voyage to Pound Town…or at least make a layover en route.

On the Season 2 premiere, the New York gal and the Midwest wonder threw caution to the wind and discretely got down while still surrounded by their housemates. And though Anthony gives the experience a nine out of 10 in the “Pound Town Confessions” clip below, Jessica’s assessment isn’t so favorable.

“It was 30 seconds!” she yelps in the video. “It was bad!”

Jess says the roll in the hay — which manifested out of drunken, first-night excitement — was a “try before you buy type of thing,” and though she was impressed by Anthony’s…uhh…equipment, her awe started and stopped there.


“I kinda gotta teach him things,” she explains through giggles. “‘Cause he’s young.”

Anthony’s got nothing but pride for his Pound Town-expedition, though, even though he knew it could have come at a cost.

“I was worried it could affect the relations I had with other women,” he admits. “I knew that it was a long journey, and I came out the gates a little hot, so I thought it might set me back a little bit. At the same time, I didn’t really care.”