Are maya and miles actually done for good this time?

Miles and Maya in 'Believe Part 2'

This isn’t the first, second or third time we’ve seen Maya and Miles‘ relationship come to a bitter end but it could be the last.

When being questioned on the stand during the assault trial, Winston revealed to the court that right before moving Zoe to the pool house, she was only seconds away from hooking up with Miles. The reveal came as a shock to Maya since this was her first time hearing of any almost hook-ups and at the time, Miles was still her boyfriend.

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There’s no doubt, Miles loves Maya, he’s been trying to get her back ever since his feud with Zig and until last night, things were actually looking pretty good for Mayles. But after hearing what Winston had to say in court, Maya made it very clear that they were done for good, “I can’t wait around every time to pick up the pieces, every time you freak out!” Maya finished the argument by promising Miles it would be the last time she would have to leave him.

So ‘Degrassi‘ fans, it looks like these two might really be over. Tell us what you think. Do Maya and Miles still have another shot at love or should we say goodbye to Mayles forever?