Are jwoww and roger ready for kids?

If you brought Jenni and Roger to a wedding planner they’d probably head for the hills, but throw a kid or two on the table and they might just be a bit more inclined to say “I do.” On tonight’s “Snooki & JWOWW,” the Seaside Heights-spawned couple began researching adoption despite their indifference to getting married, and as soon as Roger tossed around the pigskin with some kids at a local adoption support group, his hesitation about having children seemed to vanish instantly. Could the sound of a crying baby possibly precede the jingle of wedding bells?

JWOWW, whose mother and best pal, Snooki, were both adopted, said she’s always had a vested interest in adoption, and thought that introducing Roger to families that have gone through the process might warm him up to the idea. “I just hope that doing things like this will make him realize that he shouldn’t be nervous [about having kids],” she said, adding that she could see their future in the families they met.

She wasn’t too far off the mark, as the picnic had her beau more excited about parenthood than Jenni’s ever seen before. “It’s a good feeling,” Roger said. “If I was ever ready to do this, now I don’t think I would second-guess myself.”

While Roger has clearly warmed up to the idea of being a dad, bear in mind: It almost happened overnight. Could he change his mind just as quickly? Plus, as long as he and Jenni are still working through certain issues in couple’s counseling, adding something as demanding as a baby might be too much strain on their relationship. So, whaddya think: Are JWOWW and Roger ready for parenthood, or do they have other fish to fry before they try?