Arden cho + swords = ‘teen wolf’ danger zone, tyler posey says

Kira‘s sword-wielding technique came easily once she discovered she had the power of a “Teen Wolf” Kitsune, and it turns out actress Arden Cho, who plays Beacon Hills High School’s new kid, didn’t struggle too much with getting a hang of the weapon, either. Though the show’s fight scenes involve some heavy choreography, co-star Tyler Posey says in the video below that Arden was a natural at picking up blade-related stunt work, but maybe got a little too comfortable in the process.

“Arden is great with a sword and stunts,” TyPo praises his pal in the clip. “But when she has the sword, and the camera’s not rolling, she will almost hit me and everyone else so many times, ’cause she is the most careless person with that thing.” Sounds like set is its own adventure! Arden says she can’t help her eagerness, though, because getting in touch with her inner warrior is such a blast.


A teaser from Melissa Ponzio: Are these tools more or less dangerous than Arden Cho with a sword?

“There’s a scene, where, like, I grab the sword and I pull it out and I’m all bloody — that might be one of my favorites,” she admits. “I was like, ‘Is it weird that this is really fun and exciting to have blood splattered all over you?” To each her own!

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