Arden cho is tired of ‘teen wolf’ bad guys interfering with kira’s dating

When you’re routinely fending off trained assassins between AP Calculus and study hall, it’s tough to make time for high school romance. But actress Arden Cho is officially tired of the love vacuum in Beacon Hills and ready for some traditional “Happy Days” courtship.

In the “Teen Wolf After After Show” below, the woman behind the sword-wielding Kira advocates for some sparks in Beacon Hills, and not the kind that come from colliding weaponry.

“I think Kira and Scott need some high school romantic moments,” she tells show host Morgan Evans. “Bowling or movies, or, I don’t know. What else do you do when you go on dates? Dinner?” Well, at least she’s got a game plan!

None of this is to say that Arden’s ready for Kira to give up the fight, though, and she shares that battle-scene choreography comes naturally to her.

“I’ve been really lucky ’cause I kind of grew up training, like, Taekwondo and martial arts,” she says. “My dad’s a grand master…I used to break bricks when I was a kid.”

Check out the clip for more from Arden, and tune in to this “Teen Wolf” season’s penultimate episode Monday night at 10e/7p!