Anxieties exposed: aneesa is worried her cousin rianna’s strength isn’t up for ‘the challenge’

For more than a decade (all the way back to “Battle of the Sexes” in 2003!), Aneesa has been trying to nab that elusive “Challenge” victory and has unfortunately never earned the top title — but all of that could turn around if she and her “bloodline” Rianna are able to defeat all of the familiar MTV faces and their DNA. And fortunately for the “Real World: Chicago” alum, it was pretty easy getting her cousin to join the madness fun.

“I guess I convinced Rianna to come on this show by telling her that there would be free booze and cute guys,” the “Duel 2″ finalist dishes. And her strategy proved to be successful: “It worked!” Rianna exclaims.

Beverages and attractive men to the side… While Aneesa might be a bit worried about her relative’s lack of upper body strength, Rianna openly admits that the vet has “no weaknesses.” But if you ask the no-holds barred competitor the same question, she has a very different answer.

“Well, no one is hanging me off of a f–king cliff – when they do, you will see me probably s-it my pants,” she says. Have to appreciate that honesty!

Meanwhile, “Real World: Ex-Plosion” cast member Corey might be new to the mission-filled action, but his cousin Mitch is already throwing around strategy like a seasoned player. Warning to those who have played this game before: You better watch your back and keep an eye on this one…

“I think this season, being rookies, might give us a little bit more of an advantage,” Mitch reveals in the video. “We have the numbers this season because there’s not as many veterans around, and half of the cast is us family members anyway.”

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