Another ‘are you the one? ’ match could soon be revealed! Spot the couple in this gif?


An earlier round of “Are You the One?” clues revealed that Amber and Ethan are a perfect match, and tonight, thanks to the show’s very first successful Truth Booth-outing, we’ve learned we can add Dillan and Coleysia to the list of confirmed couples. Still, the cast is only one for six (that’s a .167 batting average) when tasked with guessing who fits with whom, so we decided to throw you all another bone.

The man and woman who filled out last week’s silhouette clue are visible in a single frame in the GIF above. They’re not easy to spot, but if you squint really,really hard and settle your breathing, you might just have it all figured out. If not, you can continue to tweet which two daters you’d like to see enter the Truth Booth in future episodes, and if we spot enough online chatter, we might just let this big ol’ cat outta the bag.

Give us your best guesses about which guy and gal are the third perfect match, and keep watching “Are You The One?” to see how many couples the cast identifies correctly in tonight’s Match-Up Ceremony!