Who’s cuter — the pop stars or their animated alter egos?

Miley Cyrus is already kind of like a cartoon character. Between her electric American glory 4th of July outfits, constant stream of alien edits and serious wig game, she can basically transform herself into anything these days.

Over the weekend, Miley literally got animated when she made her debut as a perfect 10 philosophizing skateboarding girl in the FXX animated series “Stone Quackers.”

Miley Cyrus On 'Stone Quackers'

“Amid the chaos of my life, between my crappy job and fading dreams, living alone on this cold, lonely, indifferent planet, there came a little guy,” Miley’s shades-wearing beach bum girl waxes during a car-ride near the end of the 10-minute “A Farewell To Kings” episode. It’s heavy.

But Miley isn’t the first pop star to take the plunge into the animated world. Here are nine other singers who got drawn.


1. Rihanna In “Home”


Rih played young girl Gratuity “Tip” Tucci, looking for her mom in the middle of an alien invasion.


2. Jennifer Lopez In “Home”

“Ice Age: Continental Drift” veteran JLo shared the spot light with Rihanna in “Home as Rih’s mom, Lucy Tucci.


3. Nicki Minaj In “Ice Age”

Speaking of “Continental Drift,” Nicki made her animated debut as woolly mammoth Steffie in the 2012 film.


4. Katy Perry In “Smurfs”

Katy hasn’t dipped her toe into the acting game for real, but she was happy to stay behind the scenes and voice Smurfette in the 2011 original and 2013 sequel.


5. Bruno Mars In “Rio 2″

Mars got his bird on alongside Anne Hathaway and Jesse Eisenberg in this 2014 sequel as crooner Roberto.


6. Beyoncé In “Epic”

Of course Bey played friendly Queen Tara in this 2013 adventure.


7. Justin Timerlake As Boo Boo Bear

JT’s had decades of experience in front of a camera, but his gig as Yogi’s little buddy in the 2010 big screen version of the beloved cartoon Yogi Bear was a bright spot in the not so bright comedy.


8. Mandy Moore As Rapunzel

Mandy took on the iconic role of the girl in the tower with that hair in the 2010 Disney movie “Tangled.”


9. Lea Michele As Dorothy

The “Glee” star played the iconic lost girl from Kansas in the 2013 “Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return.”