Amy schumer and jennifer lawrence just completed the twin transformation

Taylor Swift might be responsible for the very concept of #SquadGoals, but Amy Schumer andJennifer Lawrence are taking celeb BFFness to stunning new heights.

In addition to all the human pyramid-ing and piano dancing and balloon-bombing that’s been going down with those two so far, Jen and Amy have also been spending a lot of time being creative together, co-writing a movie that will in all likelihood finally make world peace achievable because everybody’ll be too in stitches to be mad anymore. Hey, they might even be the first co-recipients of the Nobel Prize for comic lit if they pull this thing off. (If their short film masterpiece “Hi Guys” is any indication, the pair are well on their way.)

OK, OK, we’re exaggerating just a little bit right now, but it’s only because we BELIEVE in these gals. And we totally believe J.Law when she says that she and A.Schu (that’s gotta be her nickname now, righttttt?) “were creatively made for each other.”

So, when Amy showed up to Elle’s Women in Hollywood Awards Monday (Oct. 19) night in what must’ve been her Jennifer Lawrence Halloween costume because literally everything about her look was a direct throwback to Jennifer Lawrence’s iconic 2011 Academy Awards style, we knew this sismance was at peak levels.

Like this hand-on-the-hip, stare-off-into-the-distance-with-a-hint-of-disdain routine.

Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence2

Spookily similar, guys. Even the length and texture of their hair is practically identical. So, either Amy’s pulling a Single White Female on our #1 Girl Crush or these two are even cooler besties than we thought.

Consider also this “I’m over it but I’m here so take the picture already” expression.

Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence2

A well-positioned pair of bunny ears could turn this whole thing around, you know.

Plus, both of them have the flirty-grin-to-the-side-with-subtle-hip-flick maneuver down PAT.

Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence2

Both of their expressions read, “go ahead and line up in an orderly fashion, gents” ’cause you KNOW this is working right now.

Finally, we present the classic “guys, something smells good” nose wrinkle.

Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence2

(Insert joke-quote about them wanting french fries STAT here because both of ’em did/would say exactly that in this situation, which is why we love them forever and ever amen.)