Allison williams admits she does some ‘weird things’ during ‘girls’

When "Girls" fans left off with Marnie, she seemed to be back in love with her longtime beau, Charlie, after what had been a difficult time for her personally and professionally.

But after Christopher Abbott exited the show at the end of season two, Allison Williams’ neurotic small-screen persona will be left sans Charlie this season. And, with season three of the HBO series kicking off Sunday, Williams admits Marnie isn’t handling the heartbreak all that well.

"[She’s a] total and complete mess!" Williams confessed to MTV News at the show’s premiere in NYC earlier this week. "[Her mom] Evie [played by Rita Wilson] is partially responsible for why Marnie is such a mess. She’s not much of a foundation, so when you fall apart and you don’t have much of a foundation, you fall pretty hard, I think. [It’s] definitely a case of the girlfriend mom, like the cool mom from ‘Mean Girls.’ "

Without her mom to go to for advice, and her friends off on their own adventures, Marnie seems like she’s going to have a hard time getting the answers she’s desperate for.

"Well, what happens is in the beginning of the season she’s been dumped and doesn’t know why. And so the whole season is figuring out why did this happen and then maybe getting to a point where finding out why isn’t as important as just sort of getting over it and picking yourself off and dusting yourself off," she said.

And by the sound so of it, it won’t be an easy journey. "But she’s devastated and very numb at the beginning of the season and it hits her at weird moments and slowly and it was really fun to do. But, I felt bad for her," she added. "She’s doing weird things, making protein shakes. She’s in a weird place. But she’s pretending like she is [doing okay] and to Marnie that’s just as important."

So, does she ever get out of the slump? "I can’t tell you [but] I think they will be [surprised]. I don’t know, it remains to be seen," she added, with a big smile. "It was fun to do."