All the ways 5sos fans celebrated 5 seconds of summer’s no. 1 album

After a fierce battle with The Carters — aka Beyoncé and Jay Z — the boys of 5 Seconds of Summer have officially claimed the number one spot on the Billboard 200 with their third album, Youngblood.

Many factors played a role in 5SOS’s win, but none more important than the passionate determination of 5SOS’s fans. The fanbase encouraged stans to both buy and stream the album, organizing “streaming parties” for stans to stream Youngblood simultaneously while live-tweeting their reactions. The boys owe everything to their fanbase and didn’t wait a second to express their gratitude online.

Not only did their hard work make the album go number one, but 5SOS stans have also come out in full force to congratulate the band on this historic achievement. Immediately after news of the chart results broke, 5SOS fans on Twitter made the hashtag #Congrats5SOS trend worldwide.

Fans on Twitter also changed the names on their fan accounts, adding “is proud of 5SOS” after their first names.

I’m most proud of one 5SOS fan, Megan, who met the boys at LaGuardia Airport in New York with balloons and a cake to help them celebrate. Can you believe?!

The biggest 5SOS stan of them all, Kevin Jonas, tweeted his own congratulations to the boys! I support my fave supporting my other faves.

I’m sending my own congratulations not just to 5SOS, but their fanbase as well. It’s their hard work that made a number one possible in the first place.