Alice wetterlund and chris distefano among just for laughs’ outstanding new faces of comedy

There’s a good chance “Girl Code” and “Guy Code” will never see eye to eye on matters of the opposite sex, but one place its experts can happily coexist is behind any comedy club’s mic, and two of the franchise’s most popular stars are proving that’s exactly where they belong. Alice Wetterlund and Chris Distefano, who’ve dissected everything from PDA etiquette to proper compliment delivery, have both just received the huge honor of being named some of the best up-and-coming stand-up acts by the Just For Laughs Comedy Festival and the ComedyPro Conference. This is to the surprise of NO ONE WHO WATCHES EITHER SHOW, BECAUSE THESE TWO ARE HILARIOUS. (Seriously, though, how cool!)

Each year, the expert comedy panels unveil selections for outstanding new faces that are pegged to make real splashes in the industry, and Chris and Alice were among the 22 comedians deemed worthy in the general “standup” category in 2013. With Alice’s offbeat, deadpan observations and Chris’ no-bulls**t delivery considered, it’s kind of a no-brainer these guys were on the list. Long live the class clowns!

If you’ve been dying to catch either comic live but haven’t yet been able to, check out some choice sets below.