Alessia cara breaks out of the party in new ‘wild things’ video

When teens are labeled as “wild,” it’s usually meant in a derogatory way; often as a synonym for “destructive” or “dumb.” But in Alessia Cara’s rebel-rousing “Wild Things,” the singer gives us a different definition of wildness: Whole-heartedly embracing who you are.

“To me, Where The Wild Things Are is a place that exists in our minds,” Alessia says in the track’s accompanying video, released Monday. “It’s a place of liberty and shamelessness. It can take a split second or a lifetime to find it, but once you do, you’ll be free.”

The Aaron A-directed clip then cuts to AC and her motley crew of friends being their “wild” selves: taking Polaroids, wearing animal masks, drawing tattoos on each other, lighting fireworks at the beach… there’s no danger or scandal; just real, uninhibited, defiant fun.

“Wild Things” is the second single from Alessia’s 2015 debut album Know-It-All, following breakout hit “Here.” That song was all about apathetically bemoaning her peers’ flakiness at a hella lame party — but “Wild Things” makes it clear she’s finally found her place, with her people.