Aisha talks about losing it

My “Losing It” episode aired on Friday Aug 30th and it was a really great experience. Sex can be such a taboo topic, so I felt really great talking about it openly like there was nothing dirty or bad about it. The crew approached like we were talking about which donut shop has the best fritters, so it was easy to just tell the story and have fun.

It wasn’t until I told my high school girls about the experience on a recent trip home to Winnipeg, that I started to worry about what I had done slightly.

“What if they use his real name and he finds out about it?” was a question I got a few times. At first it made me feel like maybe there was something wrong with me that I wanted to go on national tv and talk about losing my virginity! I thought maybe I was being selfish and needy of attention.

But then I realized how silly that was. I wasn’t ashamed of losing my virginity and I shouldn’t feel bad about sharing the experience. I’m not extremely religious nor had I made a pledge to stay a virgin until some arbitrary event or time. In fact I was really happy and proud of the person I was and my choice of sexual partner. He was my first boyfriend and first love!

I mean, I’m sure both our parents know we had sex, and if they didn’t know….well now they do and hopefully they can laugh about it!

Sharing my story was liberating and really felt like a great PSA for being open about sex and choosing partners you care about, trust and can have fun with.

My first sexual experience was hilarious and loving experience full of magical wonder! It was a great start to my sexually active life with a positive outlook on sex.

And hey if a couple can overcome poopy pants and still find love, I say sex on!!!