A$ap rocky’s taste buds influence this week’s ‘show with vinny’ quotes

If a British girl group can feel at home inside a Staten Island diner, then “The Show with Vinny” has achieved its mission of reinventing the standard network talk show. Last night, Vinny Guadagnino welcomed The Saturdays to his mother’s longtime place of employment, Mike’s Unicorn Diner, for a traditional American breakfast, and then kicked back at home with chart-topping rapper A$AP Rocky for a bite of vegetarian fare. The interviews (and food) couldn’t have been more different, but they were both laden with many a potent quotable. Check out some of our favourites below, including the revisiting of Vinny’s brief love story with Snooki.

“Is he gonna sing?” — Paola

Vinny told his dear ma that a rapper was on his way to the Guadagnino compound and, still a little unsure of what exactly rapping entailed, she posed the above question.

“Let me warn you about black people: We eat a lot, and we love hot sauce and ketchup.” — A$AP Rocky

Paola was shocked when Rocky requested a side of ketchup to pair with his antipasti, and the rapper tried to help her understand his gravitation to the tomato-based condiments.

“He’s from the Rikers Island mob.” — Vinny

Turns out Nino and Rocky aren’t cut from such different cloths. Rocky described the “mob” he grew up with upon meeting Vin’s uncle, and Vin tried to help the two find common ground by alluding to Nino’s prison stay. Hey, whatever works!

“Did you put the home fries in there?” — A$AP Rocky

No two ways around it: Rocky loved Paola’s cooking, and when she sent him on his way with a doggy bag, he made sure she’d packed a bit of his favourite dish for the trip back to Harlem.

“I’d rather not meet them, anyway.” — Paola

The Saturdays pressed Vinny for details on how he introduces girls to his mom, and when Vinny admitted he didn’t take a lot of his female friends home, Paola made sure to include her two cents.

“…and she said bad things about your penis?” — Frankie

Frankie leaped to this conclusion halfway through hearing the Snooki and Vinny hook-up story before being corrected that Snooks did, in fact, say very nice things about her former friend with benefits.

“Bend it and suck, though!” — Frankie

In the heat of a baby shower game, The Saturdays’ biggest flirt spat out some advice for her fellow bandmates, who were struggling to drink orange juice out of a bottle’s nip.

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