A transparent prom dress or dropping a sandwich on the dead: which #fail wins?

“If you ever tweeted about autocorrects, texted yourself or fell into a toilet, we’re onto you.”

Beautiful parting words, Hasan Minhaj. On last night’s finale of the first “Failosophy” season, experts in online tomfoolery were tested by a slew idiocies, but among the worst of the worst, three #FAILS managed to completely edge out the competition. Get a quick reminder below, and tell us in the poll which left you reeling.

First, one overly inquisitive online user asked the web at large if it was possible for an unborn baby to get pregnant if its mother had sex. So, so much failure. Not to be outdone, one guy got so hungry during a funeral that he decided to hit the catering table before paying his respects. Trouble is, he didn’t finish his sandwich before making his way to the casket, and as he looked down at his friend’s grandmother’s body, he dropped a tomato squarely on her eye, leaving a trail of seeds and mayonnaise. Maybe she’ll get a laugh in the afterlife?

Finally, one high school senior got the surprise of her life when — after going commando at prom — she logged on to Facebook to find her dress was completely see-through in photos. Memories that will surely last a lifetime!

Tell us, once and for all, which #FAIL was best this week?