A second perfect match will soon be revealed! Here is this week’s ‘are you the one? ’ clue

On last week’s “Are You The One?” episode, the show’s 20 contestants correctly identified only two out of 10 perfect matches, but thanks to some insider info, we know that at least Amber and Ethan were right on the money. After connecting over Ethan’s story of triumph over adversity, the two grew closer, and when it came time for the Match-Up Ceremony, Ethan picked Amber without hesitation. So…who’s next?!

On tonight’s episode, the gentlemen’s ex-girlfriends swarmed Hawaii to offer some valuable insight to the show’s female contestants. Kayla certainly didn’t get a positive impression of her new crush, Ryan, from his former flame, and Adam was completely embarrassed by Brittany, who blathered on to his ex. But after plenty of scheming and strategy, the only thing we know for certain is that Jessica and Dillan, who took to the Truth Booth together, are not a match. So, the question remains: Who is?

Got any guesses as to who’s in the silhouette above? Share ‘em below, and if you keep tweeting which couples you’d like to see go into the Truth Booth, we’ll shoot you another clue next week! Go ahead, try us.