A glam molly tarlov comes face-to-face with her old friend, grumpy cat

While most folks (and puppies!) were absolutely thrilled to attend the 2014 MTV Movie Awards, Grumpy Cat clearly would have been happier at home with a bowl full of Fancy Feast. The feline — all dolled up in a mini-Pharrell hat — got to rub paws on the red carpet with Molly Tarlov of “Awkward,” who’s a longtime fan of the four-legged Internet sensation, and couldn’t even manage to crack a whisker! Maybe the kitten’s allergic to Valentino? Or, perhaps lil’ Tardar Sauce was holding a grudge from Molly’s 2013 Instagram that poked fun at his perma-frown:

Selfie flashback, featuring stone-faced photobomb by Greer Grammer.

Then again, judging from the sad furball’s red-carpet interview below, maybe he simply doesn’t like being fondled in public. Now this is the definition of AWKWARD…

Welp, he may not have showed a speck of excitement at any point during the night, but this cool cat sure did get the VIP treatment. Cuddles from Tyler Hoechlin? MEOW! Maybe in our next life…

If this “Teen Wolf” hunk can’t make Tardar Sauce smile, no one can.