A ‘faking it’ superfan gives hester high school the ‘friends’ treatment

Rachel Green, Monica Geller and their Greenwich Village group seemed perfectly content riding out the ’90s as a sixsome, but it’s time they made some room on Central Perk’s comfy couch.

The incredibly popular “Friends,” which has undergone an Internet rebirth since its addition to Netflix’s streaming service, has consequently lent itself to many a meme and GIF, and one
Faking It” fan is such an avowed supporter of Smelly Cat & Co. that she decided to merge the worlds of Hester High and Lower Manhattan.

In the video below, YouTube user fabmuffins applies the instantly recognizable “I’ll Be There For You” by The Rembrandts to a choice selection of “Faking It” clips, and the result is Texas-meets-New-York magic. And “Faking It” star Katie Stevens, for one, who plays the show’s quippy Karma, declared herself an instant fan.

“I’m obsessed with ‘Friends’ and this is the best thing I’ve ever seen,” the actress tweeted after getting a good look at the heaven-sent title sequence. But who will be the production’s Gunther…?

Check out the video, and be sure to keep up with MTV News for the latest updates on “Faking It”‘s upcoming new episodes!