9 ways deadpool would celebrate ryan reynolds’ birthday

We’re still a few months away from seeing “Deadpool,” but there’s plenty of reason to worship the Merc with the Mouth today. For instance, today is Ryan Reynolds’ 39th birthday. How’s that for a cause for celebration?

Since Deadpool’s all about breaking down the fourth wall and looking the audience right in the eye, it’s not hard to imagine how the quick-witted mutant would honor Reynolds’ birthday in real life. For instance…

He would buy up every single “Green Lantern” Blu-ray in existence…


And then set them on fire, but not before mocking Ryan’s Green Lantern uniform.

He’d purchase every single “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” Blu-ray in existence, too…


And also set them on fire, but not before mocking his mouthless self.

Another home video purchase: Every copy of “Blade: Trinity.”


Because, seriously, Hannibal King is a badass.

And sure, why not? Let’s snatch up all of the “R.I.P.D.” Blu-rays while we’re at it.


All one of ’em.

Wade would buy 100 chimichangas…

And he wouldn’t even give Ryan a single one.

He would bring Mario Lopez back to life…


Because he knows Ryan’s a huge “Saved by the Bell” fan.

He would hire Rob Liefeld to draw a portrait of Ryan…


Cable not included.

He would negotiate a shared universe deal between Fox and Marvel Studios…


First order of business? Getting Reynolds fired, so that the role of Deadpool can be played by Deadpool himself. How’s that for meta?

And then he’d win Ryan Reynolds another shot as Green Lantern in the “Justice League” movie…


Second time’s the charm.