9 times alex trebek was a bully on ‘jeopardy’

Don’t get me wrong … I, like many, am a huge fan of “Jeopardy.” I love it even though it makes me realize how little I know about the world (thanks, college).

And yet, aside from fictional bullies Helga Pattacki and Draco Malfoy, Alex Trebek is my biggest nightmare. While I don’t believe Mr. Trebek is really a bully — maybe he’s a super nice guy IRL — he is definitely like that person on Facebook who points out the different forms of “your.”

This side of him manifests repeatedly throughout “Jeopardy,” whether it’s making a just condescending comment or a really really REALLY condescending comment…

Trebek gets the last laugh. Always.

Was that necessary?

Sorry, every teacher ever

He just came at your entire profession.

“I didn’t say that, did I?”

Um, yeah, you did.

You just did it again!

Stop digging yourself deeper, Trebek.

Making fun of someone else’s name: the classic bully move

Of course he has no empathy from the playground: “Trebek” doesn’t rhyme with anything.

Tomato, tomato

Trebek blames this absurd call on “the judges.” Yeah, right. (This is why “Jeopardy” needs an instant replay booth. Throw the challenge flag!)

He’s worse than autocorrect.

Trebek will joke about your dead pet

“Alex, you’re being insensitive.” “You’re right!”


Maybe it just “hurts to miss that one” ’cause of the lost money? We really, really hope?

Clearly the world needs — no, deserves — a hero to rise up and take on the titan that is Alex Trebek at his own self-satisfied bullying game. And that hero is this man:

Do you need to go to Mayo Clinic for that BURN, Trebek?