7 intense shows set in alaska that came before mtv’s ‘slednecks’

Can you really see Russia from Sarah Palin’s house? We haven’t made the trip and can’t say for sure, but down the street in Wasilla, Alaska, you’re guaranteed to spot at least a few “Slednecks.”

MTV’s newest reality show, which premieres Thursday, October 30 at 10/9c, will follow a group of cold-blooded friends who are just like you and your crew — except they’ll enjoy caribou stew before a slice of pizza and would party on a glacier before even considering a spring-break blowout in Cancun. Different? Yes. Newfangled? Not necessarily.

Turns out, TV’s been tackling shows set in Alaska for quite some time, and the Slednecks have some pretty cool (YUP) company. Check out the list of real-life, televised snowmen, watch the “Slednecks” trailer and stay tuned for the show’s premiere!

“Alaska State Troopers“


The National Geographic docu-series, which recently wrapped up its sixth season, follows officers from small stations around the state. The 5-0 have done everything from pull drivers over at routine stops to set up moose decoys to catch poachers, and they have no intentions of letting their homeland submit to its crooks and bad guys.

“Sarah Palin’s Alaska“

Between 2010 and 2011, the former nominee for the office of United States Vice President took over TLC and, with her family by her side, pridefully endorsed her favorite state. The clan fished, hunted caribou and even took a camping trip with Kate Gosselin throughout the series, and Palin made us feel like we were part of every tree-chopping, kayaking task she undertook.

“Top Chef: Seattle“


The 10th season of Bravo’s powerhouse series started off in Washington state, but the cream of the crop played the game’s final leg in Alaska. MTV’s own Brooke Williamson, a judge on “House of Food,” dominated the competition but would ultimately have to settle for second place when the judges picked Kristen Kish as their winner.

“Deadliest Catch“

Discovery’s banner reality series chronicles the often-dangerous lives of fishermen off of Dutch Harbor, Alaska, who brave storms to rake in top-notch seafood during peak king crab seasons. It’s kept audiences glued to their screens since 2004 and shows no signs of slowing down.

“Ice Road Truckers“


Ever wonder what it’s like to careen over frozen lakes and rivers in an 18-wheeler? Since 2007, The History Channel has had the answer. The show captures the lives of big rig operators who risk their lives to cross through some of Alaska’s most remote areas, and with big gambles come big cash — the drivers featured make a pretty penny for their perilous professions.

“Life Below Zero“


Would the sight of a bear scare you into paralysis? Be glad you’re not a subsistence hunter. “Life Below Zero” follows those who live in Alaska’s most isolated terrain as they cope with freezing weather, few available resources and the constant threat of predators.