7 horrible things said by otherwise decent human being matty mckibben

Sadie Saxton will happily tear you to shreds in broad daylight, but Palos Hills High School would be wise to remember there’s another student who’s got a secret stash of venom ready to spit.

Matty McKibben, “Awkward“‘s undisputed golden boy, is typically regarded around campus as a hero. He’s athletically gifted, respectful of his teachers and could turn Medusa to stone with a single look. Still, as he proved on last night’s episode, he’s capable of firing shots with his words — even when he doesn’t realize he’s doing it.

Yup, over the years — and between obligatory mentions of “please” and “thank you” — Matty’s proven he’s capable of deafening tongue lashings, and when he’s really angry, below-the-belt shut-downs become his weapons of choice. Check out some of his most scathing burns below, and let’s hope we see more of the good guy in next week’s episode!

1. “Nobody can know that I like you.”


Like a punch to the gut, huh? After Matty snatched Jenna‘s virginity, he proceeded to say something that wasn’t quite worthy of a Harlequin romance. And thus, the much-discussed “shameful secret” precedent was born.

2. “I don’t know what the big deal is. There’s not much to see.”


Matty had a less-than-favorable review of a blown-up photo of topless Jenna.

3. “I f***ed your girlfriend!”


Matty was willing to talk things through with Jake when their friendship hit a rough patch, but when Jake threw a punch, Matty took off the gloves.

4. “Get your facts straight, Jenna — I was slumming it with you.”


No denying Jenna said some terrible stuff to Matty during her junior year meltdown, but Matty’s rebuttal was pretty low.

5. “Gabby’s a virgin, which I respect. Some things are just worth waiting for.”


Seems like a kind sentiment — until you consider he said it to Jenna, whose virginity he took without a second thought.

6. “You’re a f***ing horrible person, Amber.”


Sure, Eva/Amber deserved the tell-off, but we’re still shocked Matty was capable of such a vicious line.

7. “Should I have given you my blessing when you cheated on me with Collin last year?”


Jenna tried to make peace with her ex when he began dating Eva, but Matty found a way to twist her words.

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