7 ‘challenge’ man-fits that ‘rival’ zach’s marathon meltdown

The Challenge” has seen many a breakdown, and while Cara Maria’s and Paula’s mascara-stained cheeks are clear reminders that women are certainly susceptible, the guys have proven over the years that they’re equally capable of cracking. On the most recent “Rivals II” episode, a sentimental phone call from home sent big dog Zach into a tailspin that was only heightened by failing a physical competition, and the days leading up to his elimination played out like his own personal soap opera. As embarrassed as he might have been, though, Zach can take some solace in the fact that he wasn’t the first.

Ever since Puck waved a machete around Jamaica to get out of “Battle of the Sexes,” male Challengers have buckled under the game’s pressure, popped a few veins and even turned on the waterworks once or twice when the going got tough. Take a look at some of the most memorable man-meltdowns below, and tell us which is your favourite!

“The Gauntlet,” Mike: When Coral collapsed after a spider bite and essentially lost Team Red’s chance at victory, Mike seethed, and took the opportunity to freak out on his friend like only “The Miz” is capable.


“Inferno 2,” Brad: During a ride back from a night out in Mexico, Mike gave Brad one hell of a wedgie. Initially, showman Brad was happy playing in to the joke; however, once he felt the delayed sting of humiliation, he flipped out, and even threatened to take his teammate on, one-on-one.

“The Duel,” Wes:  After Brad won the final men’s Duel by default, his opponent CT fumed about the unfair DQ. Instead of standing idly by and letting CT get away with his unanswered complaints, Wes took the opportunity to call CT out for his childish pouting, and screamed so loud his voice cracked. No wonder these two have become “Rivals”…

“The Ruins,” Brad: As the Challengers team continued to come apart at the seams, Brad found it increasingly difficult to cope with the stress of the game. Instead of trying to relax with meditation or a nice cup of tea, though, he arbitrarily started a fight with Darrell, which turned out to be a huuuuge mistake.

“Cutthroat,” Ty: A harmless joke Emily played on her ex, Ty, turned into a “Challenge” nightmare, as Ty upped the ante by destroying Em’s bed with a potted plant. Their couple’s quarrels were always a little bit on the bizarre side…

“Battle Of The Seasons,” Frank: Note to self: If ever traversing sand dunes with Frank, be sure to keep up the pace. When Sam lagged behind her teammates in the game’s final mission, Frank unleashed his signature wrath all the way to the finish line.

Honorable Mention: “Rivals,” Kenny: It might not have been pretty, but we think Kenny deserves a pass for this one. Wouldn’t you throw a fit if forced to carry your partner up a mountain?