Don’t expect a 5sos-fall out boy collaboration anytime soon

HARTFORD, Connecticut — While Fall Out Boy have previously teased fans with the possibility of a 5 Seconds of Summer collaboration, FOB told MTV News there’s no plans of this happening anytime soon.

When we caught up with the guys on the Boys of Zummer tour, the band’s bassist Pete Wentz said their intentions were taken out of context.

“I feel like it went from hanging out and writing, or just hanging out and whatever, and then people were like, ’there’s this collaboration,’” he explained. “It was, like, real crazy because I think they’re nice kids and stuff, but I feel like they have their own path.”

Are 5 Seconds of Summer collaborating with Fall Out Boy?

Posted by MTV on Friday, 10 July 2015

Although a musical union isn’t in the works, FOB’s lead singer Patrick Stump may have another business venture in mind for 5SOS — or at least the band’s nickname.

“It took me a second by the way because I was not familiar with that abbreviation,” Patrick replied when asked about linking up with the band. “I was like, I have never tasted this 5SOS.”

He continued: “What is this 5SOS? On what meal do you put it on?”

So if nothing else, maybe a new condiment will come from the bands? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. #5Sauce