50 cent is trying hard to convince a judge that he’s broke

Talk about mixed messages.

When 50 Cent filed for bankruptcy earlier this month, jaws dropped, because how could he have possibly squandered all of that Vitamin Water money? Then he made fun of it all, and we thought that he wasn’t actually broke. But now he’s really trying to convince a judge that he’s running out of money.

So, which is it Fif?

Page Six reports that the music mogul appeared in a Manhattan, New York, Supreme Court on Tuesday, July 21, where he tried to explain to a judge that he’s worth closer to $4.4. million, than the $155 million that Forbes cites as his current net worth.

He was reportedly hoping to reduce the $5 million payment he owes to Lastonia Leviston, the mother of Rick Ross’ child, after releasing her sex tape on the Internet. Makes sense, since he also owes a very hefty sum to Sleek Audio.

50 told the judge that all of those flashy foreign cars didn’t actually belong to him. “Those cars were rented,” he said in court. “It’s like music videos, they say action and you see all these fancy cars but everything goes back to the dealership.”

Okay, so maybe he’ll really be driving that Smart car then?

He even claimed that his jewelry was rented, and that he only owns three gold chains and a Casio G-Shock watch, instead of any pricey Rolex. “I borrowed from the jeweler,” he said.

As usual, Fif had a sense of humor about everything, telling the judge, “You gotta smile when you’re in a public situation, if you’re crying they’re just having more fun with you.”

And he also — sort of — apologized to Leviston, telling her, “I’m sorry if you feel like I hurt you.” Pretty sure that whole, “if you feel” part negates the apology.