5 things etiquette queen lauren conrad should consider including on her wedding invites

Lauren Conrad‘s wedding is sure to be a fantasy Pinterest page come to life, but long before she exchanges vows and cuts the cake with fiancé William Tell, she’s gotta get a headcount. Thankfully, LC’s organized the time-honored rules of invitation etiquette as part of her website’s most recent “Wedding Bells” entry so that she and other brides-to-be have a blueprint for everything from what types of envelopes to use to the most fitting calligraphy pattern. But is she forgetting the fine print?

Between tips on how to decide whose parents get top billing to whether numbers should be spelled out, LC’s invites could definitely use a hint of her signature “Hills” personality. Her nuptials should be a dignified event, sure, but we also hope the celebration honors her reality TV roots. If she can manage to squeeze a few more words onto the invite, she should certainly consider the following additions.


1) “We kindly request that guests not wear Chinese Laundry“: Lauren and frenemy Kristin Cavallari have insisted over the years that they’ve buried the hatchet, but really, who’s buying that? K-Cav’s shoe line should be explicitly forbidden from the festivities.


2) “Pre-reception shooters will be served at Les Deux”: Maybe the upscale Chateau Marmont or Mondrian will be host to Lauren and William’s official reception, but before they sit down to caviar and champagne cocktails, why not toss a few back at one of Lauren’s old Hollywood haunts? We hear The Dime also caters to private events, should the first choice be unavailable.


3) “Guests who bring gifts not listed on the registry will be forgiven, and promptly forgotten”: You’ve been invited to one of the most sought-after social events of the year, and you couldn’t be bothered to get those copper fish tweezers from Williams Sonoma? Kindly hop back into your Isuzu and head home.


4) “The bride and groom will honeymoon in Paris”: For many, The City of Lights is an ideal honeymoon spot for its dining, culture or romantic leanings, but for LC, it’s a shot at validation. She might not have accepted Lisa Love’s first offer for a trip during her Teen Vogue internship, but she’ll be damned if she doesn’t beeline straight for France immediately after tossing the bouquet.


5) “The event may not be recorded. Period.”