5 reasons why britney spears would make a great guidette

It was revealed at the end of last week’s “The Pauly D Project” that the DJ scored an invite to open for the final show on Britney Spears’s Femme Fatale Tour. Which means another lap dance from the pop superstar (only Pauly would be blessed to get straddled not once, but twice by two of the most famous legs in the world). We’re stoked to watch it all go down on Thursday’s new episode. Speaking of which…will Biggie finally propose to MJ? Will Ryan cool it with the “red-headed stepchild” sob story? And most importantly, how much of the episode will feature our beloved Brit Brit? Because, ya know, IOHO Brit would make for a fierce guidette and perma member of the PD crew. Why? We’re so glad you asked…

1. She GTLs like a champ. We swear Brit has been sneaking pages out of Snooki’s “Confessions of a Guidette.” The “Till The World Ends” singer has been known to hit the gym five times a week before a tour, she loves herself some Vitamin D and while we’re sure she has minions to handle her abundance of dirty booty shorts, judging from the Toxic laundry bag she sold online last year, she most certainly values the sanctity of a good clothes washin’.

Dirty laundry has never looked so pretty.


2. She’s a natural brunette. When’s the last time you spotted a blonde guidette?

Plus, Britney’s been known to rock brown hair extensions, obviously taking a cue from Snooks, JWOWW and Sammi, ’cause when she goes dark, girl goes super long. It’s all or nothing. (Cue tactless joke from that one incident we won’t mention. We love Britney.)

Do you prefer your Britney brunette or blonde?

3. She’s a closet “Jersey Shore” fan. When asked about the show, Britney admitted, “It’s a guilty pleasure. I’ve seen two or three episodes; it’s cool.” Yeah, totally cool, Brit Brit. By “two or three episodes,” we know you really mean “four or five…seasons.”

4. She loves her some trucker hats. No. 1 rule of going guidette? You don’t care what anyone thinks. These caps may have gone out with Ashton Kutcher’s “Punk’d” days, but it doesn’t stop Brit and Snooki from proudly sporting them in front of millions.

5. She fist pumps like a natural. B told Pauly D she gets a kick out of the time-tested Joisey dance move. And we swear we caught a little pumping of the fist during her “I Wanna Go” performance on the Femme Fatale Tour.

What other gloriously guidette qualities does Britney possess? Tell us in the comments!