5 life lessons chelsea learned from her roommate jenna

On this week’s episode of “Chelsea Settles,” our courageous heroine found herself frustrated with the ups and downs of the job search. Thank goodness her new roommate Jenna was there to keep her spirits high and help her refocus. By episode’s end, Chelsea was all smiles, in no small part due to the lessons she learned from her supportive new friend. Here are our fav pieces of advice, courtesy of Jenna:


Cast A Wider Net 
Chelsea was crushed after Lisa Kline, a designer she idolized, grilled her during an interview. She was convinced she’d never land a job in L.A., but Jenna was there to remind her to explore opportunities outside of the trendy neighborhoods. As a result, she scored an interview with a funky boutique called The Vanity Room.


Be Spontaneous 
During their visit to Venice Beach, Chelsea was taken aback by Jenna’s breezy confidence. When she jokingly suggested that her roomie get a whimsical bird tattoo, she agreed to do it, so long as Chelsea got one once she landed a job.


Don’t Make Assumptions
Chelsea always thought that Jenna’s life was perfect, so she was amazed when her new pal revealed that she had struggled with a drug addiction. Chelsea was touched to hear about Jenna’s rough past, and realized they had a lot in common.


You Can Start Over
After learning about Jenna’s fresh start, Chelsea realized she could do the same. She was ready to prove her self-worth by attacking the position at The Vanity Room with zest.


Don’t Be Afraid To Open Up
The Pennsylvania native lacked confidence when she had to deal with a picky customer during her job audition, but when she got a chance to sit down with the shop owner, she took a cue from Jenna and spoke honestly about her weight issues. It proved to be the best thing, too, because it resulted in an offer.

What do you think was the most important lesson that Chelsea learned from Jenna? Sound off in the comments!