5 hollywood endings that prove jenna hamilton’s prom night might not be a bust

Aside from cafeteria mystery meat, there’s nothing more terrifying for high school students than the idea of going to prom alone. Jenna Hamilton was forced to face that fear on the latest “Awkward” episode after Matty‘s big question had nothing to do with the dance, and all to do with his interest in another girl. Didn’t see that coming!

Matty’s rejection certainly stung, but is going stag really so bad? Flying solo means your costs are cut in half (and that corsage is NOT reasonable at retail) and there’s no added pressure to contrive a “perfect moment.” Plus, if teen movies have taught us one thing about prom, it’s that anything can happen between the buffet unveiling and the crowning ceremony. Take a look at five Hollywood endings below for proof that it’s still possible for Jenna to have the best night ever.

American Pie: Though nobody tried harder than Paul Finch to land a prom date, a bathroom-related prank played by Stifler ensured he was doomed to dance alone. However, going stag ultimately worked in Finch’s favor, and had it not been for his solo status, he would have never been able to seduce his dream woman, Stifler’s Mom, at the after-party. Ladies and gents: This is called the last laugh.

Pretty In Pink: Despite being from different sides of the track, high school couple Andie and Blane had a great thing going — that is, until prom season rolled around. Though Blaine had already invited Andie, peer pressure from his affluent friends eventually set in, and he began to ignore her before the big dance. Andie went to prom anyway, and ultimately dazzled Blane with her confidence. THIS IS WHY YOU DON’T STAY HOME AND POUT.

Romy and Michele’s High School ReunionAs Romy and Michele put it, there was the “A” list, the “B” list and them. The best friends didn’t hide their single ladies-status at prom, and with some cutting-edge fashion and experimental hair, they made quite a splash. And even though their night wasn’t a royal affair, prom set the scene for their ultimate revenge: leaving their 10 year high school reunion in a billionaire’s helicopter.

Napoleon DynamitePoor Napoleon was the victim of a good ol’ fashioned fake-out — popular girl Trisha agreed to be his date, but pulled the wool over his eyes at the last second and went with her real boyfriend. Napoleon was devastated, until he got the opportunity to dance with his kindred spirit, Deb, and the two sparked something that only romance novels sold at discount warehouses could properly articulate.

Mean GirlsAfter disappointing her parents, letting her grades sink and devolving into a real “Plastic,” Cady used the dance as an opportunity to right her wrongs. When she was unexpectedly crowned queen, Cady broke her crown into smaller pieces, tossed them toward more deserving candidates in the crowd and finally ended the tyrannical reign of popular girls at school…at least until the next year.