5 gifs to help us celebrate the ‘degrassi’ holiday marathon

All I want for Christmas is a ‘Degrassi‘ Holiday Marathon!


On Tuesday, December 30 MTV will be running a ‘Degrassi’ season 14 holiday catch-up marathon! Beginning at 4:30e/1:30p we’ll go back to the beginning of season 14 to recap Clare’s journey to becoming a teen mom, relive Eli’s return to Toronto and Zoe’s rise from victim to villain. Following the marathon will be a brand new episode which will pick up right after Mr. Simpson’s discovery of Degrassi Nudes and Clare’s realization that Drew is not the father of her baby.

To help us celebrate this magical holiday marathon check out these 5 gifs of your ‘Degrassi’ favourites getting pumped for the season 14 marathon! And don’t forget to tune in to all-new episodes of ‘Degrassi’ on MTV Tuesday nights at 9e/6p to see how all the drama plays out!

A Degrassi Holiday marathon you say?! OMG is right! 


We’ll pump our fists to that!


I’m so excited…


…and I just can’t fight it…


…I’m about to lose control…wait. Yep. I’ve lost control.



Tuesday, Dec. 30


4:30 p.m. – 9 p.m. – DEGRASSI – Season 14A (1401 – 1409)

Degrassi Season 14 picks up immediately following the end of spring break, after Tristan (Lyle O’Donohoe) and Miles’ (Eric Osborne) surprising lip-lock and the shocking revelation of Clare’s (Aislinn Paul) pregnancy. Never shying away from tackling heavy-hitting topics, DEGRASSI addresses authentic and relevant issues affecting teenagers today. Viewers have the opportunity to catch up on all the best moments of the Season 14 of the Canadian hit series.