5 double-date ideas for ‘teen wolf”s scira and stalia

Two very new “Teen Wolf” relationships seem to be emerging in Season 4: Stalia and Scira. While Stiles soothed a changing Malia off the werewolf ledge during last week’s episode, Scott and Kira shared a dance and a smooch while wolf-sitting lycanthrope newbie Liam.

Love is clearly in the Beacon Hills’ air, and seeing as the bro halves of Stalia and Scira are longtime besties, we spy a double date or two in the near future. That’s why we’ve come up with a few fun-filled ideas for them. Just no impromptu Mexico vacations, please, and especially no ice skating — we def don’t need a repeat of the awkwardness that was the Scallison-Stydia doubler.

1. Baseball game


Between Kira’s lightning-fast reflexes (perfect for catching those foul balls) and Stiles’ love of baseball bats, we can seriously see this foursome catching a Los Angeles Dodgers game.


2. Mystery dinner theater


Whether determining the fate of Derek‘s Benjamin Button status or getting to the bottom of the mysterious “Teen Wolf” hit list, this crew loves themselves a good mystery, especially the whodunit kind.


3. Ballroom dancing

While Scira clearly has a leg up on Stalia in the dancing department, Stiles has done his fair share of two-steppin’. Something also tells us that Malia could benefit from a dance lesson or five, after running around on all fours for so many years.


4. Haunted house


Anyone else think these two couples deserve a break from battling actual baddies? Throw ‘em into a dark house full of fake monsters and zombs for a change.


5. Party hoppin’

Be it a fake shindig thrown by Lydia or a smokin’ hot blackout black-light party, our “Teen Wolf” friends would never turn down a good get-together.

Got any other good double-date ideas for these Beacon Hills lovahs? Sound off in the comments and catch a new episode of “Teen Wolf” Monday night at 10e/7p!