5 artists that ‘wrestled’ their way to the top this summer

Staying on top of summer’s hottest trends can be a big job. It requires being in the know at all times and being the first to discover the trend. But not all trends are intentional. Usually they just happen. While browsing some of our favourite music videos from the summer so far, we couldn’t help but notice a trend that has been taking the music industry by storm. Artists from all genres are lacing up and stepping into the ring for their latest videos and we’re picking our five favourites from the summer so far! Check ’em all out below and tell us in the comments if we missed any!

Rixton – Me and My Broken Heart

These guys came out of nowhere with their hit, ‘Me and My Broken Heart’ and it’s been burning up charts everywhere! Not only do they use the ring as a performance space, it’s where they stage a fixed poker game which ends up getting shut down by the cops. Check out the video below to see who gets busted and who manages to escape:


Serena Ryder – Heavy Love

Serena Ryder strapped on her boxing gloves for her summer hit, ‘Heavy Love,’ but kept it light when stepping into the ring with what appeared to be a mini-Serena.


Dear Frederic – Outlast (Feat. Husser)

The most recent video featuring the ring, ‘Outlast,’ by Dear Frederic. The video starts out as a boxing match but quickly turns into what looks like a 1980s inspired WWE event when guitars are used as weapons and dancers become part of the show.


Trey Songz – Na Na

Speaking of the WWE! Total Divas stars, Nikki and Brie Bella make a guest appearance in Trey Songz sexy track, ‘Na Na’ but rather than fight each other, the girls help the singer work on his routine.


Maroon 5 – One More Night

OK, so this isn’t exactly a hit from the current summer, but the track still holds up! Plus, Adam Levine kicks some serious butt in this video. Maybe he’s the reason why all these other artists are stepping into the ring…no?