25 times liam hemsworth shot us through the heart with aussie hotness

It’s hard to believe for those of us in, um, the twilight of our 20s, but Liam Hemsworth is but a wee babe — and that wee babe officially turns 25 years old on Tuesday (January 13). So to celebrate, we got Liam what we know he’s always wanted — a greatest hits collection of the moments that made us love him.

Don’t ever say we never got you anything, Liam.

When he made “The Last Song” a masterpiece.


Okay, maybe that’s a stretch. But for brief amounts of time we could focus on Liam’s eyes/smile/etc. and forget what we were watching. (What were we watching?)

When he reenacted a viral sensation.

The only way to make “Charlie Bit Me” even better is to add a couple of Hemsworths.

When he joined the ranks of “The Expendables.”


Willis, Stallone, Li, Statham, Hemsworth.

When he proved to be one of us when it comes to bacon.


“A bacon donut I can understand. You can put bacon with anything.”

When he debuted his baby-Thor muscles.


Look, not everyone needs or wants to be Thor/Chris Hemsworth levels of jacked. To us, Liam’s leaner yet meaner build is just the right balance between skinny yoga bod and “spends a bit too much time at CrossFit.”

When he kept it classy about his ex.


Miley might have gone off again and again about Liam — the subject of “Wrecking Ball” — after their split, but Liam kept mum about the torrid affair. That doesn’t mean he was innocent when it came to whatever happened in their relationship, but we still admire him for not publicly escalating their beef.

When he kissed Katniss.


Remind us again why we’re supposed to be Team Peeta?

When he was adorably humble about the first “Hunger Games.”


Back in 2012, Liam told us that he was incredibly nervous to see the film for the first time, since he “really didn’t want it to suck.” Aww, humility.

When he made us all cry with that beating scene.


Liam definitely nailed that Peacekeeper beating scene in “Catching Fire” — is it any wonder why it’s our favorite “Hunger Games” film to date?

When he took JLaw’s comments about his “scratchy” kisses in stride.

Brush her off, Liam. Brush her off.

When he accepted Josh Hutcherson’s tickles.


Is it just us, or does Liam seem to be totally immune to the tickles?

When he didn’t throw the family name around to Woody Harrelson.

Somehow, Liam and Woody Harrelson managed to film multiple movies together without Woody ever realizing that Chris and Liam were brothers.

When he got “Punk’d” by Miley Cyrus.

What happens when naked people jump into Liam and Miley’s car, at Miley’s behest? Let’s just say it’s distressing, and involves both the police and some Liam F-bombs.

When he quickly forgave Miley Cyrus.


We love a man who can laugh at himself — especially when he’s being humiliated on national television.

When he bravely debunked Australian stereotypes.


On “The Tonight Show With Jay Leno,” Hemsworth said that Lawrence once asked him if he had sexual relations with kangaroos. Hemsworth boldly shot down this common Aussie misconception.

When he wanted to make out with Woody Harrelson. A lot.

This was very enlightening, Mr. Hemsworth. Very. Enlightening.

When he dressed up like a Ninja Turtle and got drenched for charity.


Obviously we’re all a bit sick of Ice Bucket Challenges by now, but Hemsworth’s Michelangelo-inspired attire made his effort worth watching.

When he kept up with JLaw’s sense of humor.

Herpes jokes? Sure, why not.

When he showed the world his bedroom eyes.


Objectification, for the win!

When… uh… this happened for whatever reason.


Just go with it. It’s fine.

When he let Katniss take down the hovercraft.


Well, not “let” so much as “couldn’t do it himself,” but still.

When he rocked a rainbow freaking pedicure.


It’s called a man-i/pedi for a reason.

When he took a punch like a pro.


JLaw works out. That had to hurt.

When he let Thor play Katniss.

Play this scenario out in your mind — when Liam first auditioned for “Hunger Games,” his big bro Chris took on the role of Katniss when they practiced.

When Thor played Katniss.

Okay, okay, so this wasn’t actually a Liam Hemsworth moment so much as a Chris one. But Chris reading the part of Katniss Everdeen was just so good we had to include it. Sorry, Liam — sometimes older brother knows best!