“21 and over” beer pong game piled up the pressure

When actors take on new characters (ballerinas or cops, for example), they’ll take ballet classes or hit the shooting range to train for their roles. But for Miles Teller, Skylar Astin and Justin Chon, the cast of “21 & Over,” all they had to do was play beer pong.

While filming a key scene in the “one crazy night” comedy, Teller and Astin play an all-important game of beer pong that will help them achieve their ultimate goal, getting their passed-out friend (Justin Chon) home in time for his med school interview, but one of the actors couldn’t get his game together for the cameras.

“The beer pong was all real. At one point they needed us to make the game-winning shot,” Teller told MTV News. “We had to get it in one shot, so we actually had to make it; there’s no cutaway. And Skylar was just having a really bad day. In the bonus footage, it’s like 20 shots, something ridiculous. Not everyone performs under pressure.”

Astin was quick to defend himself and his beer pong skills, claiming that a tight-fitting shirt was to blame for his underwhelming performance. “Here’s the deal, and here’s the excuse train coming into town, but I have one of those shirts that kind of cuts you off, the table was angled a bit, the formation was pretty rough, last cup,” he said. “But I was sucking a whole bunch that day.”

As a part of the promotional tour for the film, the cast has been reaching out to the kids they portray in the film, college students, and according to the stars, “21 & Over” has been finding fans already. “These college kids are just loving it,” Teller said. “They’re just eating it up. I think it’s great. When I was in college, I would have loved to see a movie like this. I think it’s a pretty good portrayal. You’ve got hot girls, hot dudes, and you have Justin.”

“You have Justin in a bra and a teddy bear,” Astin agreed. “What more could you want in a flick?”