The most heartbreaking breakups of 2015… so far

The year is only halfway through, and already we’ve been ripped in two way too many times by 2015’s brutal series of big pop culture breakups. From celebrity so-longs to our favorite TV characters leaving a trail of tears in their wake to band breakups that we just could not handle, it’s been a tough half-year indeed.

These 11 goodbyes have us seriously feeling sad about this year and hoping the second half is a little less endy than the first.


11. Emma Roberts and Evan Peters

Twentieth Century Fox Television's Comic-Con Stars & Producers Cocktail Party - Comic-Con International 2014

While we’re glad Emma and Roberts and Evan Peters didn’t say “I do” if they, you know, don’t, we were still pretty sorry to hear that we wouldn’t get to see the “American Horror Story” co-stars have a happy ending to their at-times outta line romance.


10. Big Sean and Ariana Grande

57th GRAMMY Awards - Arrivals

Big Sean and Ariana Grande together was a beautiful thing. No, literally. They are each beautiful — and side-by-side, it was camera-breaking hotness. So, when the pair decided to call it quits after months of professional and personal collaborating, we may have teared up a little bit.Although our tears quickly went from sad to glad once Ariana seized her opportunity to lambaste all the “Big Sean’s Ex-Girlfriend” labeling that emerged after their split.


9. Mandy Moore and Ryan Adams

We always imagined Mandy Moore and Ryan Adams making the most beautiful music together behind-the-scenes — their duets were almost too sweet — so when they ended their six-year marriage in January, it was totally breaking us in two.


8. Louis Tomlinson and Eleanor Calder

We were right there with the rest of the hashtagging mourners of the world when these two parted ways after 4 years of quaint #Elounor coupleyness.


7. Joss Whedon and Twitter

Joss Whedon Last Tweet

He wasn’t perfect, but he kept it interesting, so the Twitterverse is seriously less than without the presence of @JossWhedon. The “Avengers” director left (and deleted, to make it officially official) his popular social networking post to get some peace and quiet, he said.


6. McDreamy and Grey’s Anatomy

McDreamy Sad GIF

Patrick Dempsey has made a lot of changes in his life this year — from stepping away from the show that made him a household McName to breaking up with his McWife to selling his McMansion. How Season 12 will survive without Dr. Shepherd and THE HAIR, we do not know.


5. Nick Jonas and Olivia Culpo

Olivia Culpo and Nick Jonas

We are still peeling our hearts off the floor from these two going separate ways after two years of picaresque romance – especially since the pair has admitted to having such a “tough” time with it. Sob.


4. The Olsen Twins and the rest of the ’Full House’ gang

Olsen Twins Fuller House

Uncle Jesse wasn’t the only one was totally “heartbroken” over Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen deciding to keep their distance from that “Fuller House” spin-off series. We were also aw, nuts-ing over the news and trying our best to even imagine the new show without Michelle and all her adorable witticisms.


International Day Of Happiness

Cody Simpson and Gigi Hadid’s off-again separation was totally the recipe for bummersauce — until they proved they could at least keep it civil (and funny) when a chance flight encounter brought them into close quarters contact.


2. Nina Dobrev and ’The Vampire Diaries’

Nina Dobrev Vampire DIaries Goodbye GIF

We still aren’t really in a good place to talk about the Season 6 finale of “The Vampire Diaries,” which took our precious human-turned-vampire-turned-human-turned-comacorpse Elena Gilbert and buried her in a crypt for the foreseeable future. Anddddd here come the tears.


1. Zayn Malik and One Direction

Zayn Malik Sad GIF

Most devastating of all the year’s dissolutions was the departure of Zayn Malik from One Direction. And no amount of rad hairdye or foursome fan art is going to ever make it OK, so we’ll just have to take this one day by day.