2014 will be the year of batman

For a guy who looks eternally young, you might be surprised to learn Batman is 75 this year. The classic comic book character has grown from his simple origins in 1939’s "Detective Comics #27" into a global icon, a movie star, and one of the most recognizable fictional characters ever. So with that in mind, what can we expect from his landmark celebration? Though the year is still young, there’s already enough planned to make sure that 2014 will be The Year of Batman:

Unlike Superman, who got a movie ("Man of Steel") for his anniversary last year, Batman will be remarkably absent from screens for his 75th. But that doesn’t mean we won’t get a glimpse of world’s greatest detective in theaters. With "Batman vs. Superman" hitting on July 17, 2015, we’ll almost definitely get to see a teaser featuring Ben Affleck’s take on the caped crusader before the year is out. And if we were betting men, we’d say there’s a good chance a Batman solo feature with Affleck in the lead will also be announced before 2015, because Warner Brothers isn’t going to leave that money lying on the table.

Technically, you won’t see Batman on FOX’s 2014 premiering series "Gotham." Instead, the show created by "The Mentalist’s" Bruno Heller will follow Batman’s best bud James Gordon before he was a Commissioner, battling the evils of Gotham City all by himself. However, the first episode reportedly involves Gordon trying to solve one of Gotham’s most notorious murders, the killing of Thomas and Martha Wayne. That means we’ll get to see a young, ten-year-old Bruce Wayneon the show… And we expect plenty of winking jokes about bats.

Video Games
Our guess that "Batman: Arkham Origins" would be releasing a Mr. Freeze based downloadable story extension seems to have borne fruitthis week. So if you’re playing the game, you’ll have that to look forward to, a chance to see how Mr. Freeze and Batman battled for the first time.

But with a new game in the critically acclaimed, best-selling "Arkham" series coming every two years, we’re expecting that either we’ll have an announcement of a 2015 releasing sequel… Or possibly even a new game hitting before the end of the year, as studio Warner Brothers Montreal (who released "Arkham Origins") is alternating development with studio Rocksteady in order to get the games out more frequently. Fingers crossed on the latter.

On January 8th, DC Comics kicks off the celebration with a new version of "Detective Comics #27." The retelling is written by Brad Meltzer, and drawn by Bryan Hitch (two names well known in the comic book community), as well as featuring new stories from authors and artists most associated with Mr. Wayne and company.

Then later this spring DC will launch a weekly Batman series called "Batman Eternal," written by current Bat-scribes Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, John Layman, and more. The title will feature Batman, of course, but also his entire cast of characters, from Batgirl, to Robin, and beyond, and promises to rejuvenate Batman for a new generation.

We’ll probably see at least one of DC’s best selling animated movies released on DVD and Video on Demand in 2014. Warner Brothers Animation tends to release three movies a year, and so far we only know about one hitting stores in February. That would be "Justice League: War," which features Batman, but as part of the Justice League. They’ve hinted that "Son of Batman," which focuses on Bats relationship with his son, Robin; and "Batman: Assault on Arkham," based on the video game series are both in development, so chances are we’ll see one or both before the end of the year.