17 times fat amy warmed our fat hearts in ‘pitch perfect’

The world is full of heroes, all around us. But perhaps no hero is quite as heroic as one Fat Amy (nee Fat Patricia), breakout star of “Pitch Perfect” and the upcoming “Pitch Perfect 2,” played by Rebel Wilson. Whether it’s her mermaid dancing, her blunt honesty or her understandable confusion between lunch foods and ammunition, we are always deeply, deeply in love with her.

Ahead, 17 of our favorite Fat Amy moments thus far.


17. Whatever this was.

It was never explained, but whatever the heck this is, we’re on board.


16. The time she was all about that bass.

She even named herself after it.


15. Then there’s the time that she came clean.

fat patricia
PATRICIA?! OK, we’ll take it.


14. The moment where she was the voice of truth.

Once it’s out there, it can’t be taken back.


13. How ’bout our girl casually tearing up the dance floor?

It’s the little things that count.


12. The time she just said no to drugs.

…and just said maybe to Bumper.


11. She’s been known to drop a killer metaphor.

Point taken.


10. Remember when she knew her strengths?

Own it.


9. When she realized that word choice is everything.

Choose wisely.


8. That time she gave medium-decent medical advice.

Yes, you probably should listen to your doctor.


7. The one time she introduced us to a whole new genre of dancing.

Didn’t even realize what we were missing.


6. The very first time she displayed her vocal talents.

No backup dancers necessary. Psych-up chest adjustment though? Totally necessary.


5. When she said more with a hand movement than we ever could with words.

crushed it
Crushed it.


4. Remember when she revolutionized cardio?

To be real though? Great for your lower abs. Just saying.


3. The time she mistook a burrito for a violent crime.

Such is the consequence of a drive by burrito-ing.


2. The one time she turned the beat around like it had never been turned before.



1. When she loved to hear that passion.

That’s the only explanation.

“Pitch Perfect 2″ dances into theaters May 15.