’16 and pregnant’: which girl’s story touched you the most?

Every “16 and Pregnant” episode explores the same initial dilemma, yet each individual’s story tends to vary greatly. Season 3 introduced a lot of new circumstances–on tonight’s finale, Allie had no parents of her own within arm’s reach, making her struggle as a young mother all the more difficult. Did her situation touch you as much as it did us? Which girl’s story hit you the hardest? Review all 10 below, then take the poll and tell us whose episode stuck with you the most.

Jordan and her twin sister Jessicahad a special bond: The two were inseparable, but motherhood forced Jordan to readjust her priorities. As a result, she pushed her sibling away. Finding a balance proved challenging for the new mom, and it caused a lot of stress for her and her baby’s father, Brian. During a time when Jordan needed support, she found herself tethered to an unnecessary family feud.

Jennifer and her babies’ father Joshhad an unstable relationship that turned really ugly when he kicked her out of the car and left her on the side of the road. The incident resulted in Josh’s arrest (he sped off with their twin sons in the backseat), but Jennifer ultimately decided not to press charges.

Jamie’s disappointment in her baby’s father, Ryan, was compounded by the absence of her own dad, who filled her heart with empty promises and even continued to do so during her pregnancy (he said he’d be more involved in her life once the baby was born but didn’t follow through). When Ryan missed the birth of his daughter, the young mom was overwhelmed with sorrow.

Motherhood left Danielle feeling completely isolated after she moved in with her baby’s father, Jamie. She hoped that living under one roof would provide her with with a storybook family, but instead she found herself completely alone because Jamie spent all day at work. Solitude proved to be too much for her to handle and she eventually left his house to move back in with her mom.

Even though Cleondra knew firsthand how difficult it would be to raise a child (her older sister was a young mom, and she often filled in), the level-headed teen shocked her entire family when she revealed her pregnancy. She had to put her dreams on hold and figure out the best way to bring up her daughter, Kylee, while simultaneously trying to save her relationship with the father.

Kayla’s growing baby belly triggered her latent eating disorder, and even after her nutritionist explained how important regular meals were, she found herself skipping them. While she had a great group of friends to lean on, her relationship with her mother was troublesome; Kayla felt lost and overwhelmed, and her mom refused to step in and help.

After hiding her pregnancy from close friends and family for nearly eight months, the self-conscious teen finally mustered up the courage to open up to her best friend Cassidy. But by then, it was too late–Cassidycouldn’t forgive her for lying and their friendship never completely recovered.

Kianna was a focused high school student, but after she started dating 15-year-old Zak, she got thrown off track. The couple soon got pregnant, and even though she seriously considered adoption as an alternative (Kianna really wanted to finish school and go to college), Zak wouldn’t have it and she eventually conceded.

Once Taylor learned that she was expecting a child with her boyfriend Nathan, her mother encouraged her to consider adoption. But the young couple felt that they could handle the challenges of being teen parents. Unfortunately, it soon became clear that Nathan was unwilling to step it up as a father–even after their daughter, Aubri, was born, he didn’t make much of an effort to get a job.

We closed out the season of “16 and Pregnant” with tonight’s highly dramatic 90-minute episode. With little to no parental support of her own, Allie sought out comfort in Joey’s family, which unfortunately became even more problematic, as his mother’s verbal abuse proved to be unbearable.