’16 and pregnant’ follow-up: millina’s mom finally meets baby kayden! [photos]

On this week’s episode of “16 and Pregnant,” Millina struggled to balance new parenthood amid her own family drama. Her incarcerated mother, Raychelle, eagerly awaited a verdict on whether she would be let out of jail but, sadly, the request was denied. The unfortunate ordeal left Millina emotionally exhausted, especially because she was hoping her mom could help with newborn Kayden.

Though Raychelle wasn’t able to hold and hug her grandson at the end of the episode, we were thrilled to see recent pictures Millina shared on Twitter of Kayden finally meeting his grandma for the first time — or, more accurately, his “mazma,” as Millina wrote in the heartwarming update.


Millina mom 1

Someone wants his Gerber’s…or a diaper change.

Kayden appears a bit fussy and less than stoked to smile for the camera in the above shot, but the multigenerational reunion is the sweetest, nonetheless. Especially in the pic below, in which mazma tries to calm him with a gentle pat to the back.


Millina mom 2

Looks like a lil’ burping did the trick!

We hope this is the first of many hang sessions for Millina, Raychelle and Kayden!