12 creators i’m most excited to see at vidcon 2018

The YouTubers are coming, the YouTubers are coming! VidCon 2018 gets underway tonight and all my favourite creators are touching down in Anaheim for the biggest IRL meetup of the year.

This year’s VidCon has creators from all sides of the Internet, from beauty gurus and comedians to ASMR whisperers and gamers. From Wednesday evening through Saturday, attendees will see panels of influencers, on-stage interviews and performances. Plus, the luckiest fans at VidCon might win meet-and-greet lottery tickets to snag a pic with their favourite YouTubers.

With over 250 creators scheduled to partake in official VidCon events, there’s a lot to look forward to. Here’s just a preview of some of the YouTubers I’m looking forward to seeing this year!

Liza Koshy

Not only is Liza the reigning queen of YouTube, but fans will get to see more Liza than ever before as both Liza on Demand, her YouTube original series, and Double Dare, which she’ll be hosting on Nickelodeon, premiere next week. Liza and the cast of Liza on Demand will give an early sneak peek and a behind-the-scenes look at the show on Friday at VidCon.

Manny MUA

As one of the most recognizable beauty gurus online, Manny will take part in panels about the business of glam on Friday and Saturday. Plus, Manny will be at the screening of the season three premiere of YouTube original series Escape the Night, of which he’s a part of.

Safiya Nygaard

Safiya, creator of her popular The Internet Made Me Do It series, will be all over VidCon this year. She’s teaming up with Cristine from SimplyNailogical for a panel on strange beauty trends and will take the stage for a Q&A on Saturday.


The boys of PRETTYMUCH will treat fans to a performance at the Night of Awesome alongside a great group of viral, online talent on Saturday evening to help close out VidCon.

JoJo Siwa

Not only will I be looking out for JoJo’s performance at the Night of Awesome, but she’s also taking part in VidCon’s first-ever Night of Dance on Friday night. The internet’s most talented dancers will take the stage for plenty of solo and collaborative performances, so naturally, JoJo will be there.


Gigi Gorgeous

With all of Gigi’s success off YouTube, she’ll be speaking at a panel on Saturday about branching out from where they started online to different passions and ventures. Gigi will be doing meet-and-greets through VidCon’s official lottery, too.


Maia and Alex Shibutani, two-time Olympic medallist ice dancers, have been documenting their journey to the Winter Olympics for years. Now, they’ll be at VidCon for an on-stage interview on Thursday before making an appearance at the Night of Dance on Friday evening.



In the last year, MacDoesIt has grown his YouTube channel in a major way. He’ll chat about documenting his upbringing online during a Thursday panel and share his perspective as a new-found YouTube star during a Saturday panel.

Karina Garcia

Known as the slime queen to her massive fanbase, Karina will speak on the “Boss Women Who Kick Ass” panel on Thursday before her on-stage interview on Friday.

Joey Graceffa

Leader of the Escape the Night series, Joey will likely be leading the pack during the season three premiere screening on Thursday. He’ll chat with fans during a Q&A on Friday moderated by his boyfriend, Daniel Preda.


Elle Mills

Simply put, Elle is gonna be very busy this VidCon. She’s on panels about viral stardomcoming out as LGBTQ+ and finding a unique voice online. All that, in addition to an appearance during Saturday evening’s Night of Awesome.


Mark’s VidCon appearances are as diverse as his gaming, comedy and reactions videos. He’s on a Thursday panel about using your platform for social change, a Q&A on Friday and he takes part in the keynote presentation for creators on Saturday. Mark, too, will make an appearance at the Night of Awesome.

Still not excited as I am? Check out the full agenda and list of featured creators at VidCon 2018.