11 songs that prove it’s okay to be an intovert

I hope you’re home right now — preferably cuddled up in bed — because we’re about to go on a really comfortable, introverted ride on a sonic rollercoaster. But, like, not if you don’t want to.

I’m not going to make you throw your hands in the air, or drop your kitty down low, or party all night long. All I’m telling you to do is sit right there, and do what you want to do — despite what other people deem cool. Between all the songs out there telling us what’s hot, there’s a soundtrack for those of us who don’t need to be trendy and really don’t feel like joining in.

Here are 11 songs about being an introvert that make it OK if you don’t want to dance like everyone is looking:


1. ’Mariella’ – Kate Nash

The character in Kate Nash’s song glued her lips together so she wouldn’t be pressured to speak. Not a bad idea, Mariella. “If I wanna play, I can play with me/ If I think, I’ll think in my head,” she said. #truth


2. ’Alone Together’ – Fall Out Boy

Just because you’re an introvert doesn’t mean you have to be alone — sometimes you need to band together with other introverts. Fall Out Boy knows.


3. ’I’m With You’ – Avril Lavigne

Avril also knows what it’s like to want to be alone together. She’s never been about going with the crowd, but if the right person came around, she’d join them.


4. ’Here’ – Alessia Cara

Have you ever wanted to leave them party because everyone seems fake? Alessia Cara wrote the perfect anti-party jam about her friends trying to impress each other, but wanting nothing to do with it. Finally, someone said what I was thinking.


5. ’Creep’ – Radiohead

Feeling out of place? Thom Yorke captured that emotion with “Creep.” “But I’m a creep, I’m a weirdo/ What the hell am I doing here?/ I don’t belong here,” he sings.


6. ’Walk Alone’ – The Roots

This song is great to listen to when you feel like the only person you can trust is yourself. You can only make yourself better.


7. ’Me, Myself And I’ – Beyonce

“I know that I would never disappoint myself,” Beyonce sings on “Me, Myself and I.” And it’s true. Who needs anyone else when they just continuously let you down, like the cheating guy in Bey’s life?


8. ’Sounds Of Silence’ – Simon & Garfunkel

However you interpret this song, it could make you feel sad and hopeless. And maybe that’s cathartic. But amid the chaos in the world, it’s nice to know there’s something real at the center of all the meaningless hullabaloo.


9. ’Boulevard of Broken Dreams’ – Green Day

Let your emo side shine with Billie Joe when he sings, “I walk a lonely road/ The only one that I have ever known/ Don’t know where it goes/ But it’s only me, and I walk alone.” Seriously though, walk that road alone, because there’s nothing worse than a traffic jam.


10. ’In My Room’ – Beach Boys

An introvert’s paradise: your room! The Beach Boys put it simply with this song, saying that all you need to dream is your own space.


11. ’Royals’ – Lorde

You don’t care about the high life. And neither does Lorde. “That kind of luxe just ain’t for us,” she sings on “Royals.” “We crave a different kind of buzz.” Make your own fantasy.