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Underemployed (S.1 Ep.5)

The gang looks forward to winning a third team trivia championship, but Sophia's new job and Daphne's bi-curious client threaten to keep them from taking home a 1st place trophy.
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From Emmy-nominated producer Craig Wright, MTV's new comedic drama "Underemployed" follows a group a five friends - Sophia, Daphne, Lou, Raviva and Miles - all filled with lofty goals, romantic dreams and hopefulness for complete world domination on their road to adulthood. But what happens when things don't go exactly according to plan?

  • Daphne makes a decision between Todd and Miles, and Lou vows to get Raviva back.

  • Sophia throws a party to celebrate the self-publication of her first novel, and Daphne wrestles with her feelings for both Todd and Miles.

  • Lou and Miles decide to throw a bro-down to lift their sagging spirits, and Sophia tries to improve her writing by living more adventurously.

  • Daphne tries to throw herself a sophisticated adult birthday, and Raviva gets a sneak peek at Sophia's novel.

  • Raviva gets a gig, Sophia has a new crush, Lou thinks twice about ending things with Bekah, and Daphne worries that she's dating a "home fielder."
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