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True Life: I'm Coming Out 2

Ashley and Dan are two young gay people who have decided to come out, but are afraid they may not be accepted by their parents and friends.
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September 8th
on MTV

True Life

Since its first episode in 1998, True Life has provided a window into the struggles, hopes, and dreams of young people. Narrated solely by its characters, each episode documents the unusual--and often remarkable--circumstances of real individuals, whether it's about soldiers returning from Iraq, deaf teenagers, or people living with autism. We've given all of them--and hundreds of others--the opportunity to tell their own stories directly to their peers in this powerful, Emmy award winning series that uniquely reflects the experiences and cultures of this generation.

  • Two couples who got married as teens are struggling to live happily ever after will take a 30-day break with no communication, and the freedom to step outside their marriage.

  • This episode of True Life explores the lives of two young men at a crossroads as they second guess the life paths they've chosen.

  • To what lengths would you go for a bootylicious behind? On this episode of True Life, you'll meet three young adults that are going to extremes just to get the butt of their dreams.

  • With the increasing legalization of marijuana, parents are becoming more and more open with their toking habits.

  • We're re-visiting some of your past favorites who've faced major health crises to see how they're doing now. We'll show you who's beaten the odds, who's still struggling, and whose lives have taken incredible turns.
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