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The Challenge

The Challenge: Invasion brings together 18 Underdogs to battle across a series of contests for the chance to move out of squalor and into typical Challenge luxury, The Oasis! Just when the lucky ones get comfortable, they'll find the game is far from over. The final crop of Underdogs will have to face down eight proven Champions for their share at the $350,000 prize. With devastating elimination rounds, truly baffling hookups and the first-ever three-day final on the way, Season 29 may just prove to be the most unpredictable and gripping yet!

  • The competitors must endure a spicy curry eating challenge that sends tempers flaring. The Underdogs question if they can trust Shane, when he is suspected of making multiple alliances.

  • When Ashley spots Hunter flirting with a Champion, she questions their romance. Jenna hopes to rekindle a relationship with her ex-boyfriend, Zach, but a vicious rumour gets in the way. The Champions vow to even out the bank accounts at the "Roll With The Punches" challenge.

  • The Champions move into The Oasis. A civil war breaks out within Team Underdog when they must decide which players they want to send into Elimination.

  • The Underdogs are stunned when The Champions invade the game. Nelson flies into a fit of rage when the object of his affection rejects him.

  • Paranoia gets the best of Shane and causes him to lash out. LaToya and Nelson bond as the last four tickets to the Oasis are awarded and the players are ecstatic to finally move out of The Shelter.
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