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While "Challenge" couple Brad and Britni plan on winning the game, players begin to plot their demise behind their backs. A player is caught stealing and generates a new vendetta.
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The Challenge

Twenty-eight players including stars from MTV UK's "Ex on the Beach" and "Geordie Shore" along with contestants from "Big Brother" will join "The Challenge" fan favorites as they travel to Spain to pursue their personal vendettas against one another. And this season, for the very first time, every player is out solely for themselves not their team. Only one winner will come out on top, competing to win the final prize that has the potential to exceed $500,000.

  • Are you missing CT this season? So are we! Get CT's hot takes on what's gone down so far in The Challenge: Vendettas. What does he think of the craziest Challenge yet? How would he measure up against the new faces and harder challenges?

  • The Challenge: Vendettas after show

  • Challenge legends continue to wreak havoc on the game, one player uses the power of the grenade to threaten the competition, creating a powerful vendetta in the process.

  • When the mysterious and offensive notes continue to circulate the Challenge house, they cause a stir among the female competitors and the culprit finally gets revealed. When four Challenge legends return, the game turns upside-down.

  • A mysterious player leaves mean notes in the girls' room, causing havoc with their game as they all try to figure out the culprit. The bromance between Victor and Shane fractures into a newfound vendetta.
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