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The Challenge: Rivals - 'The S#!% They Should Have Shown'

Watch all the footage that didn't make it to air on 'The Challenge: Rivals.'
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The Challenge

To celebrate the 30th season of The Challenge, MTV is bringing back the dirtiest and most unpredictable players in The Challenge history for the biggest prize ever - $1 MILLION DOLLARS! This devious bunch will stop at nothing to win the game and compete against each other on The Challenge XXX: Dirty 30. Fifteen men and fifteen women will have to fight their way through some of the craziest, most daring challenges yet. And with this devious assortment of players, the backstabbing and masterminding will be just as intense off the field as on the field. Trust. No. One.

  • Watch all the footage that didn't make it to air on 'The Challenge: Rivals.'

  • Maria Menounos brings the cast together to discuss all the hookups, fights and what really went down on 'Rivals.' Find out which rivals have settled their old feuds once and for all and which new rivalries have risen up to take their place!

  • With the Final underway, teams thrive or fail based on their ability to work together. One male team and one female team will claim the title of Challenge champions.

  • Two strong male teams fight tooth and nail in "T-Bone," the last elimination of the season. A clue sends the remaining twelve Challengers off to another destination, where they begin the toughest Final in Challenge history.

  • When the game moves to Argentina, the challengers begin to break down mentally as friends turn on each other for a spot in the finals.
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